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    Face recognition lock,Fingerprint code lock

    Huarui products
    Biometric solutions
      Intelligent lock - solution of hotel community
      Intelligent lock - solution of hotel community
      Features of hotel intelligent electronic lock:The electronic intelligent electronic lock uses the induction···
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      Scheme of induction lock in Intelligent Community
      Scheme of induction lock in Intelligent Community
      Scheme of induction lock systemHuarui smart door lock management system is a set of advanced intelligent access management system. It combines smart car···
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      School intelligent door lock system solution
      School intelligent door lock system solution
      Campus intelligent door lock system is a customized solution···
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      Door lock solutions for home buildings
      Door lock solutions for home buildings
      For different areas of the family, equipped with different solutions. The door lock and hardware bath parts should no···
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    • Hotel solution
    • Intelligent community solutions
    • Campus door lock system solutions
    • Household \ building system solutions
    Huarui intelligent lock,there is home,there is me
    To choose Huarui is to choose quality, strength makes quality, craftsman spirit does not forget the original intention
    Fully reinforced
    Quality assurance
    Constant praise
    German top designers have carefully designed, using leading us chips, have developed more than 200 products, and applied for more than 20 patents for appeara···
    Choose Huarui intelligent door lock
    Not afraid to lock the key when going out
    You don't have to think about keys every day
    You don't have to change the key to change the baby sitter
    You can't find the key to your wallet
    Don't be afraid of children losing their keys
    Don't be afraid of the old man forgetting his key
    Don't be afraid of others' Stealing keys
    not fear Master key
    Application cases
    About us
    Guangdong Huarui lock industry Co., Ltd. is a high-tech security enterprise specialized in R & D, production and sales of lock industry. Its product range covers: face recognition lock, fingerprint code lock, intelligent integrated card swipe lock, intelligent si···

    Self owned high-tech production plant


    Intelligent lock production and testing line


    Applied for more than 20 appearance and utility model patents


    300000 times unlocking test, the lock life is 3 years longer than that of the same trade

    news information
    Category:Industry dynamic2022-05-11
    The mechanical lock cylinder of Huarui intelligent lock adopts the imported evva lock cylinder. The processing accuracy is the gua···
    1. The database should be backed up once a month.2. It is forbidden to contact the panel with corrosive substances to prevent dama···
    Face recognition is mainly divided into three processes: face detection, feature extraction and face recognition.
    Category:Industry dynamic2021-04-23
    The audio-visual feedback system of face lock is very developed. Users only need to go to the front of the door lock and brush the···
    Category:Industry dynamic2021-04-23
    In fact, the important goal of unlocking a mobile phone is not to open the lock at home remotely, but to manage the lock remotely.···
    Category:Industry dynamic2021-04-23